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IPhone Apps Development

Gravita Infotech Ltd has a certified team of iPhone expertise who stand out for their depth of knowledge and delivery excellence. We house a team of proficient developers, who will surely assist your business in exploiting the power of mobility to add value to your business. Our services are productive, delivered with quick turnaround time and are cost-effective.

Tools and Technology Used:-

Operating System

In iPhone iOS is used as an Operating System, Apple does not license iOS for installation within non-Apple hardware. It allows users to enjoy direct manipulation further more users can access any information through multi-touch gestures (tap, pinch, and swipes).

Development Environment and Collaboration

Xcode is the single platform for developing iPhone applications, it have basically two extension
.m file name
.h file name

Inch extension, it is required to declare all the class instance variables, properties and method declarations. While in. m file, methods are implemented, that will run on iPhone or iPad.

Development Languages

The concept of iPhone app development is totally based on objective-C. Objective-C is basically object oriented programming language that is same as C++.


Cocoa/Cocoa Touch are the UI framework for building software programs to run on iOS.



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